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General Rules


  • Communication is only done professionally and straight-to-the-point.

  • Something unexpected can always come up. Of course I fully understand this! If you cancel the appointment 7 days in advance, we will schedule a new date (within 30 days). If this is not done, the advance will be lost.

  • If you cancel the appointment within 48 hours, you will not receive a refund. 

  • Payment is made each time at the beginning of the date.

  • Hygiene is an important aspect. Make sure you're groomed and showered before our date.

  • Appointments in the Netherlands and France are only possible for min. 4 hours.

  • Drugs, overconsumption of alcohol or violence are unacceptable. I don't want anything to do with this

Rules Travel

  • A weekend or trip is only possible if we already know each other (min 3 dates).

  • Travel costs, hotel, food or additional costs are at your expense.

  • A good night's sleep from 8 hours is essential for me to give the best of myself during the day.

  • Every day I would like to take 1.5 hours of personal time. (calling family/friends, doing my makeup/exercise,...)

  • In public I behave with class, elegance and 'good manners'. I expect this from you too.

  • 50% of the amount is paid 1 month before the trip. You hand over the remaining amount in an envelope at the start (within the first 10 minutes) of the trip.

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